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A Message about the Economy, Your Health, and a Plan

Though the media is filled these days with stories of gloom and negativity as regards the state of the Economy, one of the most significant items that I have seen shining through this blur of alarm is a basic fact of Economics: The single most effective cost-saving measure that anyone can take is to stay healthy. It sounds so simple and obvious, but economists' statistics reveal that average earnings over a lifetime are approximately $350,000 less for the health-compromised person! Living with a disease imposes its own tax. It is a false economy, particularly if the disease is preventable.

A major breakthrough in our understanding of overall health is the proven connection between dental disease and both heart disease and diabetes. There are many other aspects of the general health which can be determined through a complete dental evaluation, including cancers, metabolic disorders, and vitamin deficiencies. Yet, fully 50% of the public does not even have a regular dentist, so the risks run by these folks to their general health is great. In addition, the benefits to their quality of life that they are missing out on can be quite dramatic, especially in terms of freedom from dental pain and breakdown, enhanced digestion, and improved personal appearance, of more concern now than ever.

Why would someone choose to live with disease? Frankly, those in my profession study that question endlessly, but my personal take on it would be that the average person feels easily overwhelmed when it comes to health matters, and especially, regarding dentistry. They don't acquire an understanding of what the state of health is, how they can have it, and most importantly, why they would want it! It's almost as if their motto were: "If it ain't broke (or, at least, if I can't SEE that it's broke) don't fix it!"

So what's the Plan? The Plan is to get a dental examination. A "check-up." An understanding of your condition. The biggest problem with dental disease is that it is usually hard to see, or fully hidden. So a thorough grasp of one's unique condition, presented clearly and in understandable terms, is our starting point. That is what you, an economy-minded, cost-conscious consumer, are seeking. These days, the smartest consumers are much more health-conscious than in the past, so for the sake of your overall health, make this investment in your own body—that's the asset you want to save for retirement! And the latest ADA study shows that patients who fall out of the regular hygiene habit end up waiting two and a half years before re-contacting the dentist on their own! Maintenance is your best guarantee of preserving this health investment.

We are deeply invested in caring for our patients' dental, and general health, and we've been privileged to see the dental condition and quality of life of countless patients improved and maintained, and that is our goal. It is our belief that good communication skills prevent the patient from being overwhelmed, allowing for the understanding needed to get healthier. We are fortunate to have our highly-skilled and personable hygienists capably and carefully rendering treatment, while our periodontist, Dr. Roger Nouneh, provides support for more advanced cases. Together, we team up with a staff dedicated to affording you the opportunity to acquire a true, long-term economic benefit: optimal dental health.


Dr. John A. Quinn